Deep optimisation for Kubernetes

Kubernetes Subscription

Jetstack Subscription is designed to help you verify, support and continually optimise your Kubernetes production environment.

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"When we first started working with Jetstack immediately what we saw was things getting done and improvements being made and a collection of things we knew we needed to change. That freed us up to think about the other things we knew we needed to work on, and then what we saw was Jetstack stepping in and giving us that advice"

Giles Alexander, XenZone CTO

Break Fix Support

Use Jetstack as an extension of your team

  • 24x7 on demand SLA-lead support

  • Coaching and debugging via video conferencing

  • Expert Kubernetes knowledge

  • Discounted consulting

Customer Reliability Engineering

Our CREs are your guide to platform reliability

  • Assigned CRE for your account

  • Monthly on-site visits

  • Ongoing architectural assistance and optimisation

  • Proof of concepts

Kubernetes Reference Architecture

Gain the confidence of a best-practice cluster

  • Access to best-practice reference architecture

  • Ready-to go demonstrators

  • Blueprints for the latest cloud native landscape

  • GKE, EKS, on-premises environments, and more

Automated Cluster Compliance Checking

Preflight will help operators identify issues before they occur and ensure best-practices

  • Automated verification of cluster compliance and conformance

  • Ready-made policy packs for common cloud native architecture

  • Visual reporting for internal compliance requirements

  • Support for custom data ingestion and outputs

Online Training and Wargaming

Up-skill your team with Kubernetes training

  • Self-paced Kubernetes In Practice Day 1 & 2 for your operations team

  • Exclusive access to the Jetstack Customer Portal 'Flightdeck'

  • Platform reliability and sustainability through constant learning and advice

  • Discounted instructor led training, from our extensive training portfolio

Jetstack's commitment to Open Source

  • 30 Million + Image pulls a month
  • 8000 + GitHub Stars
  • 250 + Open Source Contributors

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